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By including the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection in your will, you could make a lasting contribution to the future of our work.

Legacies have played an important part in the history of this collection bequeathed to Portsmouth by the generosity of Richard Lancelyn Green.

If you would like to support us but have other priorities at the moment such a bequest allows you to ensure that you can make a valuable gift without immediate financial outlay.

Legacies of all sizes are welcome and could help to

  • Preserve items to allow them to be handled safely
  • Conserve items so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come
  • Acquire items complementary to those already held
  • Provide educational opportunities based around Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes or another area of the Collection’s work of your choice.

Your legacy will be welcomed in many forms. You may feel that you have an object, book, photograph or document that would be beneficial to the collection held here.

If you are thinking of leaving something to the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, it would help us greatly if you could contact us, particularly if you intend to leave objects or archives, to give us an indication of your intention. All information will, of course, be kept confidential and will be in no way legally binding. Your gift will make a difference to our present and our future.

We strongly recommend you consult your legal advisor when making or altering your will.

We value our supporters' generosity greatly and aim to recognise all such gifts in an appropriate manner such as dedicated labels or acknowledgment in our newsletters.

For more information and an informal discussion, please contact Claire Looney on or email: .



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