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  • Spring/Summer 2008 - 'A Study in Sherlock Exhibition', 'The Case of the Portsmouth Doctor: part two', 'The Collection in Japan', 'Landmarks', 'Other Developments', 'Exhibition Images'
  • Spring/Summer 2007 - 'Progress Report', 'The Summer Exhibition', 'A Study in Sherlock: Uncovering the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection', 'Other Developments'
  • Spring/Summer 2006 - 'The Case of the Portsmouth Doctor:
    The Introductory Exhibition', 'Progress Report on The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection', comments from Sarah McCarthy MP and Mike Hancock MP
  • Autumn 2005 - 'The Lancelyn Green Bequest Arrives in Portsmouth', 'A Museums Perspective on the Lancelyn Green Bequest', 'Archiving the Lancelyn Green Bequest', 'Arrival of the Bequest at the Central Library'
  • Summer 2005 - 'Portsmouth, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Legacy of Sherlock Holmes', 'Introduction to the Collection', 'The Portsmouth Connection', 'A word from the Bequest?s patron, Stephen Fry', 'A word from Portsmouth City Council?s Head of Culture, Stephen Baily', 'A word from Dr Neil McCaw, Collection Director'



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