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Oscar Slater - accused of murderOscar Slater

Doyle and his campaigning

Throughout his career Conan Doyle made much of his commitment to truth over untruth, justice over injustice. This was much in evidence in his campaigning work on behalf of victims of miscarriages of justice, such as George Edalji (a case recently made into the novel Arthur and George by Julian Barnes) and Oscar Slater.

Throughout his work on behalf of both these men Conan Doyle was only ever interested in one thing - the triumph of what really happened.

Doyle was not personally or emotionally connected to any of the people he supported, he was more determined to ensure that the British legal system was not perverted by any foolishness or ineptitude on the part of those working in law enforcement in the UK at the time.

He gained a reputation as someone who was able to deploy the skills and techniques featured in his fiction within the real world itself, yet further enhancing the credibility of the Sherlock Holmes stories.



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