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Norrish Central Library

Educational visits

The main feature of the Collection is the exhibition ‘A Study in Sherlock: Uncovering the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection’, shown in the main gallery of Portsmouth Museums & Records Office. 

This exhibition provides the visitor with an introduction to the Richard Lancelyn Green Collection and an opportunity to explore its breadth through a variety of media including an audiovisual.

The archive and research centre is based in the Portsmouth History Centre on the second floor of the Central Library.

Although researchers are the main visitor type for the archive, we are delighted to welcome small school and/or college groups. 

An understanding of documentation and information management is extremely useful in the context of the curriculum.

For enquiries regarding archive visits please email

Why visit?

The Arthur Conan Doyle Richard Lancelyn Green bequest offers students the opportunity:

  • to explore the everyday existence of Arthur Conan Doyle during the Victorian and Edwardian eras
  • to discover the breadth of interests Conan Doyle had during his lifetime
  • to put Conan Doyle’s work into context and extend an understanding of his writing, his world and his legacy
  • to use the atmospheric ‘A Study in Sherlock’ exhibition to inspire new creative writing
  • to understand the vital importance of 'detective skills', i.e. research, observation, information management in developing abilities which will benefit pupils throughout their lives

Visits to the museum and group sizes

The typical museum visit time by a group is 1 - 1½ hours to have the whole museum experience.  The recommended maximum number arriving at any one time should not exceed 60 pupils.  A teacher/pupil ratio of a t least 1:15 is essential.

when school groups are in the museum, the behaviour of the children or students is the responsibility of the teacher in charge.

When visiting ‘A Study in Sherlock’ it is advisable to split into smaller groups of 15 - 20 within the galleries to avoid overcrowding.

The archive can accommodate groups of 15-20, but again must be supervised by teaching staff.

Book a school or group visit

For all exhibition-related enquiries including group visits please telephone the Museum Services' direct line +44 (0).  (An answering machine is available to take your message at any time of day when staff are not in the office.) There is a charge for schools outside of the Portsmouth area.


Specific schools workshops for both museum and archive are currently under development.  For more information please email and we will send you information on the workshops as it becomes available.



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